Design 4600 sq ft

4600 sq ft

4 Beds
3.5 Baths
1 Floor
2 Garages
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Floor Plans

Floor Plan – Main Floor Plan

Floor Plan – Lower Floor Plan


This ultra-contemporary hillside plan has some amazing details that add style to its appearance and comfort to its livability. Extensive fenestration on the exterior takes advantage of ambient light on the inside. The upper level has a delightful entry foyer with stone columns, a bench and a niche. To the right is the open stairway to the lower level with a wall of windows on one side and a glass floor on the other. A wet bar connects the vaulted dining room to the professional-style kitchen (note the walk-in pantry). A vaulted nook with sliding doors to a patio is adjoining. Step down into the vaulted great room, which also opens to the patio (note the outdoor grill and fireplace). A large, skylit laundry is close by. On the lower level you’ll find a game room with built-in entertainment center, three family bedrooms, another laundry area and a snack-bar area. The lower-level patio area is reached from Bedroom 2 or the game room. Don’t miss the double garage with space for a shop.

Full specs & Features

DIMENSION Depth : 65' Height : 16' Width : 76' 6"
AREA Basement Living: 1976 sq/ft height 10' First Floor: 2624 sq/ft
ROOF Primary Pitch : 4/12 Roof Framing : Conventional Roof Type : Metal
EXTERIOR WALL FRAMING Exterior Wall Finish : Stone/Siding Framing : 2 x 6


3rd BR Closet: 12 sq/ft width 2′ x depth 6′

Bathroom 2: 66 sq/ft width 12′ x depth 5′ 6″

Bathroom 3: 78 sq/ft width 13′ x depth 6′

Bedroom 2: 150 sq/ft width 12′ x depth 12′ 6″

Bedroom 2 Closet: 28 sq/ft width 4′ x depth 7′

Bedroom 3: 179 sq/ft width 13′ 10″ x depth 13′

Bedroom 3 Closet: 28 sq/ft width 4′ x depth 7′

Bedroom 4: 219 sq/ft width 14′ 6″ x depth 15′ 2″

Bedroom 4 Closet: 12 sq/ft width 2′ x depth 6′

Breakfast Room: 132 sq/ft width 12′ x depth 11′

Deck: 400 sq/ft width 25′ x depth 16′

Den/Office or Bedroom 1:

Foyer: 63 sq/ft width 9′ x depth 7′

Game Room: 432 sq/ft width 24′ x depth 18′

Garage: 506 sq/ft width 23′ x depth 22′

Garage Storage: 154 sq/ft width 11′ x depth 14′

Gathering Room: 432 sq/ft width 24′ x depth 18′

Hall: 112 sq/ft width 16′ x depth 7′

Hall Bathroom: 51 sq/ft width 6′ 5″ x depth 8′

Hall Closet: 10 sq/ft width 2′ x depth 5′

Kitchen: 210 sq/ft width 14′ x depth 15′

Kitchen Island: 60 sq/ft width 4′ x depth 15′

Laundry Room: 77 sq/ft width 11′ x depth 7′

Linen Closet: 12 sq/ft width 2′ x depth 6′

Master Bathroom: 280 sq/ft width 14′ x depth 20′

Master Bedroom: 273 sq/ft width 15′ 2″ x depth 18′

Master Closet: 40 sq/ft width 8′ x depth 5′

Master Closet Two: 40 sq/ft width 8′ x depth 5′

Outdoor Kitchen: 144 sq/ft width 9′ x depth 16′

Pantry: 19 sq/ft width 3′ x depth 6′ 5″

Wet Bar: 14 sq/ft width 7′ x depth 2′


  • Exterior Elevations: In addition to the front exterior, your drawing set will include drawings of the rear and sides of your house as well. These drawings give notes on exterior materials and finishes. Particular attention is given to cornice detail, brick and stone accents, or other finish items that make your home unique.
  • Foundation Plan: The foundation page dimensions, concrete walls, footings, pads, posts, beams, bearing walls, and any stepped foundation information along with any retaining wall info (schematic only). A typical wall section for the home is also usually included on this page (if not, it is elsewhere in your plan set, as space allows). If your plan features a poured concrete slab rather than a basement or crawlspace, the foundation page shows footings and details for the slab, and includes plumbing locations. If you choose the optional Slab foundation, the slab foundation will not be reflected in the plan sections.
  • Floor Plan(s): Exterior and interior wall framing, and windows/doors are dimensioned. Room sizes are indicated and any beams, posts and structural bearing points are called out. The floorplans include an electrical legend, and electrical fittings, lights and outlets are shown. Floor Plans will also indicate cross–section details (provided on the sections page) and show any special framing details applicable to the design. Cabinet elevations are included for kitchen and bathrooms; some designs feature cabinet elevations for design–related built–ins too.
  • Building Sections: Building sections show changes in floor, ceiling, or roof height, and the relationship of one level to another. Our section pages also show how the stairs are calculated (if there are some!) and depict roof and foundation members. We try and draw sections to show the most useful information — choosing locations where there are elements you or your contractor might need clarification on.
  • Roof Plan: Roof framing or truss directions are shown, slope directions are indicated and structural members are sized and called out if applicable. The gravity loads used to calculate the rafters, beams and posts are indicated , and we also show gutters, downspouts, and any roof venting required for your home.
  • Notes and Details Page(s): Your home comes detailed to meet the requirements of the latest adopted version of the ‘International Residential Code’, and our notes and details pages outline all the elements applicable to the design of your home. Compliance with further standards may need to be incorporated into your plan set, depending the requirements of your building department — these are usually done locally.